The Whole Package

"But I'm good at this!" "But God made me this way, so I have no choice." "But this is how I've made a name for myself." Any of these sound familiar? I've said some of these things myself before, and I've also gotten into heated debates over some of these statements. So they're not new to me. Maybe you've never said these exact phrases before, but maybe you've had thoughts that are similar. At any rate, it all comes down to where we place things in life. Sure, we say God is our Father and that he comes first. But I've been guilty of allowing my musical gifts and career to eclipse his importance in my life. And when I've gotten into disagreements with others about lifestyle and orientation, the most heated moments have had to do with where God fits into things. But please understand. I'm not judging anyone today. I'm simply asking a few questions only you can answer for yourself.

If I say God is most important in my life, then my words and actions should reflect that, right? But I need reminders now and then, so that my passions and pursuits don't take God's place on top. And if I agree with scriptures that say I am identified with Christ, then he must rule and reign over every part of my life, including things I'm drawn to, good or bad. I hope you're seeing that I really do care when I remind us all that every part of our lives belongs to him, and must submit to his Lordship in our hearts. This means my dreams and ambitions, along with my habits and tendencies. And it includes my victories and mistakes.

I'll finish with a friendly encouragement today. Maybe you've heard that God loves us just the way we are, but that he also cares too much to leave us that way. God isn't just wanting to have the parts of us we think are worthy. He wants every part of us. Just as the young boy saw a miracle when he released his basket of fish and bread to Jesus, I ask you today to let God have your whole package, and watch what he will do.

Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come.

–2 Corinthians 5:17 (GNT)